(used with numbers to indicate quantity or amount distributed) to each, per

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Yat-te wen kmilan i-nisu cikonihi. Give each of them two apples.
I-kehsuwok miluwiyanik? — I-nisu. I-nohonul. How many should I give out per person? — Two (animate) to each. Three (inanimate) to each.
Yat-te wen kmilan i-'qotinsk kehsakisuwey. Give each of them a ten-dollar bill.
Yat-te wen kmilan i-nisonul sukolisol. Give each of them two candies.
Notes : (for additional examples, see i-pesq, i-pesqon)
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(expresses appreciative admiration) boy!, wow!, etc.; (expresses disgust) ugh!, yuck!