ahtulhawekon, altulhawekon

noun inanimate
rag; cloth, fabric
Plural : ahtulhawekonol, altulhawekonol
Possessed : 'tahtulhawekonum, 'taltulhawekonum
Locative : ahtulhawekonok, altulhawekonok
Diminutive : ahtulhawekonossis, altulhawekonossis

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Musa macahahkoc qeni-yalcoktek ahtulhawekonol tuhsanok. Don't leave while there are dirty rags lying around in the shed.
Milin yet ahtulhawekon! Give me that rag over there!
Eluwehk-otehc natonuhmon altulhawekon. I think I'll go buy some cloth.
Ahtulhawekonuhs. Old, worn out rag.
Ntahcuwi apc kiluwahtunol apc kotokil ahtulhawekonol. I'll have to find some more rags.
On yaq wot-olu qosqehsuhs 'sakhiptun, iyey, altulhawekon. 'Tolekehtun-na. So the old woman brought out some sort of rag. She spread it out. (MT)
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