The Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey Dictionary

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Entry Definition
(fish, Perca flavescens) yellow perch
it changes colour, turns red; (fruit, vegetable) it ripens; (name for month in lunar calendar approximating July or August)
(name for month in lunar calendar approximating July or August)
s/he changes color, turns red; (berry, apple, etc.) s/he ripens
s/he changes h/, transforms h/; s/he changes h/ diaper
s/he changes or transforms self
s/he makes changes, s/he changes (something)
it is changed, is modified
s/he changes it, transforms it
s/he changes something belonging to h/
it changes abruptly
s/he moves abruptly to different location, position, etc.
changing; moving to another location
(liquid) the direction of its flow changes
h/ vibration causes h/ to move to new location; s/he moves or shifts from shaking or wriggling
its vibration causes it to move to new location; it moves or shifts from shaking
s/he repositions it by wiggling or shaking it
s/he alters it
(bird, species uncertain) snipe
(light, eye) it shakes uncontrollably
s/he moves it (eye)
s/he moves something (eye) belonging to h/ (e.g., doll)
(eye) it looks away
s/he gets older; s/he goes through puberty
(building, house) it has an addition built on