The Passamaquoddy-Maliseet Dictionary

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Entry Definition
s/he covers it (window, clock, eye, face, etc.)
cord that closes curtains or the slats of a window blind
window shade
s/he closes or lowers it (curtain, blind)
covering made of cloth, paper, etc. (e.g., tarp, tablecloth, blind, window shade)
s/he closes the curtains (window shade, blind, etc.)
window shade, curtain, drape, blind
h/ windows are covered (with something put over them by hand, e.g., sheet, blanket)
window shade, curtain, canopy; (in general) covering
it grows so as to cover (e.g., spreading plant)
s/he blindfolds h/
s/he has eye(s) covered, is blindfolded; s/he is wearing veil
(see also entries beginning with t-)
(see tap)
it is there repeatedly or continuously, stays right there
Italian (person from Italy)
s/he continues telling story; s/he goes on and on telling story (annoyingly)
s/he keeps giving self medicine; (figuratively) keeps sipping alcohol to make self feel better
s/he keeps talking, keeps telling story
s/he keeps swinging, keeps rocking back and forth
s/he stares at h/, keeps looking at h/, looks at h/ repeatedly
s/he stares at it, keeps looking at it, looks at it again and again
s/he keeps waiting for it
s/he keeps waiting