The Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey Dictionary

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Entry Definition
(see also entries beginning with nokk-, ok-)
s/he hides h/
s/he, it floats out of sight
s/he hides it
s/he moves quickly out of sight, hides quickly
hiding, hidden, out of sight, out of view; secretly
s/he moves it out of sight little by little
s/he moves something belonging to h/ out of sight little by little
s/he pokes it out of sight
s/he pokes something belonging to h/ out of view
s/he pokes h/ out of sight
s/he hides anger, doesn't show how angry s/he is
s/he carries h/ out of view, hides h/ away
s/he takes it by hiding it, shoplifts it; s/he hides it quickly
s/he quickly hides something belonging to h/
s/he places h/ out of sight, puts h/ in hiding
s/he places it out of sight, places it in hiding
s/he hides what s/he thinks about h/, keeps thoughts about h/ to self
s/he hides what s/he thinks about it, keeps thoughts about it to self
s/he hides behind something, stays out of sight; s/he tries to escape notice (even though s/he can be seen), tries to be inconspicuous
secretly; in hidden or secluded place
s/he takes it secretly
s/he takes it secretly from h/
it is said secretly, it is named secretly, it has code name
s/he says it secretly, says it in such a way that it cannot be heard