The Passamaquoddy-Maliseet Dictionary

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Entry Definition
(with verb) not; (with noun) no, not any
(see macehe)
starting, beginning; departing, going away; (traveler, etc.) starting off
s/he starts to kiss h/
s/he starts to kiss it
s/he leaves, departs; s/he goes home
it leaves, departs; it starts going
they (two) start out on foot; (toddlers) they (two) start to walk, holding on to each other
s/he starts walking slowly, departs slowly on foot
s/he starts to drive it
s/he starts to drive something belonging to h/ (vehicle)
the tide is starting to go out
s/he forces h/ to go home by following h/; s/he chases h/ away, starts h/ moving
s/he moves h/ (causes physical movement)
s/he starts to swim, swims away
s/he scares h/ away
s/he scares it away; s/he starts it moving, puts it in motion
s/he runs away because s/he is scared; s/he begins to get scared
the tide is going out, the tide ebbs
s/he starts fighting
it starts to heat up or get hot
s/he starts to hit h/; s/he starts to chop or cut h/ down (tree); s/he drives h/ away
it starts to make a sound, starts to make noise
s/he, it starts to be made or built
s/he starts to kick it, kicks it away