The Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey Dictionary

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Entry Definition
(also check entries beginning with 't-iy- in the I section of the dictionary)
(see iya)
(see 't-iyal)
then (in the future), afterward; until, unless; (emphasizes preceding word)
unless; (expresses possibility afterward) would
that (absent or deceased); poor little one
s/he goes around giving rides to others, s/he drives taxi
s/he goes around preparing; s/he goes around packing up
s/he limps around
s/he moves hand(s) or arm(s) around
s/he shines light around with torch, flashlight, etc.
s/he shines light around while walking
s/he goes around shining light (flashlight, etc.)
s/he goes around carrying light (lantern, flashlight, candle, etc.)
s/he nods off wherever s/he goes
s/he snowshoes around
s/he snowshoes around
s/he tells on self
(bird) s/he glides around, soars around
s/he walks around in deep snow (without snowshoes)
s/he goes around digging, digs here and there
s/he is digging, drilling, or punching holes
s/he goes around fishing, fishes here and there
s/he zigzags through water; s/he swims around underwater
s/he goes around with line of people (or animals, etc.) following behind; s/he has a following