The Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey Dictionary

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Entry Definition
in the future; (indicating future) will, shall
s/he dyes h/, colors h/
s/he paints or draws with colors
s/he dyes it, colors it
s/he dyes something belonging to h/
s/he is choosy about what s/he eats, is fussy eater
(see also entries beginning with k-)
s/he shovels snow
s/he shovels snow off it (driveway, path, porch, etc.)
s/he shovels snow off something belonging to h/
sixth finger (thumb of opposite hand)
across, on the other side
across, on the other side
European, Briton
in, to Europe or Britain
s/he teaches h/
s/he learns it, learns to do it, teaches self to do it
s/he teaches it (lesson, subject, text, song, etc.)
s/he imitates it, copies it, mimics it
s/he imitates h/, copies h/, mimics h/
s/he imitates it, copies it, mimics it
s/he detains h/, asks h/ to stay, asks h/ to extend stay
s/he tries to keep possession of it; s/he is unwilling to let it go
s/he prolongs or extends a period of time (especially a stay)