The Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey Dictionary

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Entry Definition
(see also entries beginning with uw-)
devil, demon, evil spirit, Satan
s/he does devil's work
one who practices witchcraft or magic or sorcery
insect, bug; cockroach
imp; bug, insect
(insect) dragonfly, damselfly, darning needle
s/he waves (hello, goodbye, etc.)
s/he waves to h/
s/he, it is seen in a flash (something moving or briefly illuminated)
acorn of eastern white oak (Quercus alba)
(tree, Quercus alba) eastern white oak (possibly also Quercus macrocarpa, bur oak)
s/he is seldom or rarely seen
barely, hardly, scarcely; after much difficulty
barely, hardly
s/he eats very little
s/he looks barely alive
s/he knows hardly anything, is ignorant, is uneducated
s/he has thin hair
s/he can barely move; s/he is shy
fort, fortress, military base; defensive armor
s/he tells about h/ ill health or infirmity