The Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey Dictionary

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Entry Definition
(public building) hall
horn; rattle
sturdy grass used for basket handles, in craftwork, etc.
rough utilitarian building used for storage of tools, horse-fodder, etc. (especially for hunting or wood-harvesting), shack
s/he has delirium tremens (DTs); s/he hallucinates from having drunk too much alcohol
hot dog, wiener, frankfurter
yes, go ahead; yes, let's proceed (Pesk)
(person from Hawaii) Hawaiian
(basketmaking) basket for hoisting fish from boat to dock; basket used to collect fish scales for industrial use
in the future; (indicating future) will, shall
(printed paper) handbill, announcement, notice
h/ older brother
he is related to h/ as older brother; he is h/ older brother
he is an older brother; s/he has an older brother
s/he treats h/ as older brother
from then on, from now on; ever since
after all; might as well
(person) h/ body, h/ torso
something pertaining to or part of the body
(expresses possibility) would
(see entries beginning with ucku-, cku-; e.g., uckuwiptun)