-hk 2

verb or particle suffix (enclitic)
after all; might as well

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Koskahapahk-al-ote. You two are lost after all (even though you didn't admit it before).
Nkoskahaponehk-al-ote. We must be lost.
Malom-ote, malom-ote, yey, elitahasit, "Well, cuhk-oc-al-lu, ntahcuwi kal-otehc yut wik." Finally, finally she thought, "Well, I might as well, so I'll just have to live here." (MT)
Naci-kotuhsominehk. We might as well go have a drink after all.
Eluwehk-al-ote nkoskaha. Nkoskahahk-al-ote. I guess I am lost after all.
Notes :

(for third example, compare cukocal)

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