The Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey Dictionary

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Entry Definition
(see also entries beginning with nop-, op-)
s/he cheats h/, defrauds h/, swindles h/, deceives h/, fools h/
s/he cheats, deceives
s/he gets it by cheating
s/he is a cheat or a faker; s/he is deceitful or dishonest
cheating, bribery, trickery, deceit
something simulated or fake, imitation
s/he cheats in writing (especially, on exam)
s/he uses it to cheat or to bribe
in back yard, out back; behind (building)
in back yard
(person, animal) h/ back
back of h/ head
something for the back; (inanimate) cut of meat from back of animal
back of h/ hand
s/he has backache
h/ nape, back of h/ neck
s/he is sober
fertilizer, compost
s/he fertilizes, s/he makes or uses compost
fertilizer, manure
s/he fertilizes it, manures it
(see 'pokkikatomon)
(basketmaking) s/he folds in the standers (vertical splints) of it (unfinished basket; before positioning rim at top)