The Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey Dictionary

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Entry Definition
(see also entries beginning with ahs-, nos-, noss-, os-, us-)
(see ksacu)
needle, syringe
there is a circus, the circus is coming (Sipayik)
circus people as group, the circus (Sipayik)
s/he hangs clothes to dry over things every which way and without clothespins (Sipayik)
s/he takes sponge bath (Sipayik)
s/he does own laundry outdoors in basin (Sipayik)
person whose surname is Sacobie
Xavier; St. Peter; (as surname) Sapiel, Sopiel, Sappier
s/he is barelegged, goes barelegged
bare-legged, without stockings
s/he is bareheaded, goes bareheaded
s/he is barehanded, goes barehanded (e.g., does not wear mittens); (baseball) s/he plays without using glove
s/he is barefoot, goes barefoot
s/he dances barefoot
(fish) s/he swims rapidly; (person walking) s/he moves rapidly and nimbly
s/he glances quickly and repeatedly
(bivalve, Ensis leei) Atlantic razor clam
s/he sews fast, stitches quickly; s/he weaves fast
s/he glances quickly
(food) s/he cooks quickly, s/he browns quickly
(food) it cooks quickly, it browns quickly