then (in the future), afterward; until, unless; (emphasizes preceding word)

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Nit yaka tuciw! This is it! That's the one!
Wot yaka pukcinsqehsuwatpat! This one is such a jughead!
On yaka macahan Tuma, kisi-milut sukolis. Then Thomas left, when he had been given candy.
Kil yaka nakamtuwon. You are so slow.
Peciyayin kikok, yaka kmicin. When you arrive at your house, then you may eat it. (LM)
Ma-te apc yut nkotuhsomiwon, apc-oc yaka mawossomultihiq spomkik. I will not drink this again until that time when we drink together in heaven. (WN; compare Matthew 26:29)
Ukomolcin yaka Maliyan etuceyit, on yaka kisihtasu ihtolokehkitimok. When Mary Ann reached the age of eight, then a schoolhouse was constructed. (MES)
Notes :

(see also yakahp)

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