My Aunt Taught Me

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:00 Nil-lu mecimiw ntantim... Now my aunt...
00:03 U, etuciluwahay, Oh, I would get so mad.
00:05 cuwi wen posonutehke. We had to make baskets.
00:08 Cuwi-na wen latokonike, And you had to braid.
00:10 on yaka wen 'kisi-nutahan. Then we could go out.
00:12 Etuciluwahay-otehc nil. I would get so mad.
00:16 Etolatokoniket. Braiding.
00:18 Aha, on tokec, Yes, and now,
00:19 yut tokec etolokehkikemi, now where I'm teaching,
00:24 nposonutehkepon! we make baskets!
00:25 Iya. Yes.
00:27 Eci not pesq skinuhsis eli-woli-kisehtaq. There's one boy who's really good at it.
00:31 Kis, iyey, 'kisihtun tan-al kehsonul nihtol posonutiyil. I don't know how many of those baskets he's already made.
00:39 Wow. Wow.
00:40 On yut tokec And now he's
00:42 eighth grade tutopu. in eighth grade.
00:44 'Kisihtun posonut. He made a basket.
00:47 Nit nit messunomuwiyinpon? Is that the one you showed me?
00:47 Aha. Yes.
00:48 Eci-wolinaqahk. It looks so good.
00:49 Naka nit, iyey, And they're
00:51 koti nit raffleoffomwihtuniya nit. going to raffle off
00:55 Nit posonut, the basket
00:57 for his eighth-grade trip. for his eighth-grade trip.
00:58 Alokittis, eci-kciqahawit. My goodness, he's talented.
00:59 For the class. For the class.
01:01 Eci-kciqahawit. He's talented.
01:01 Ipa, Hey,
01:03 iyey, Hey,
01:04 wolesson nit. it works well.
01:05 Iya, kisokehkima. Yes, you taught him.
01:06 Nkisokehkimoq ntantim! My aunt taught me!
01:10 Kulokehkiman. And you teach them well.


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