Entry Definition
again in the future; (parting, ending phone conversation, etc.) good-bye, farewell
s/he sees what will happen to self in future, s/he has premonition; s/he undergoes change of personality; h/ facial expression changes just before dying
in the future; (indicating future) will, shall
s/he tells h/ about the future, tells h/ what is going to happen
prophet, person who can see into future; scout
ahead, in front, forward, in the future
s/he thinks ahead, thinks about the future
(position) in front, ahead; (direction) forward, ahead; (time) ahead, in the future
in the future; (indicating future) will, shall
(motion, extension, orientation) away, facing away; (time) into or toward the future, progressing, continuing on; (elomi ... olomi ...) the more ... the more ...
then (in the future), afterward; until, unless; (emphasizes preceding word)