(position) in front, ahead; (direction) forward, ahead; (time) ahead, in the future

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Yut yaq-ote nekom eyit nihkaniw 'tulok, 'posqolenomoniyal nihtol. Then, up where he was in the bow of his canoe, they lit them. (MT)
Ehtahsiw waht elomokalit nekomc nihkaniw uci-nomocinahqi-iyin. Wot-oc-ona skicin, nit-oc weci-qolopiyat, poliw olomokaya. Every time he would dance away, she would cut in ahead of him from the side, standing erect. That is when this man would turn and dance off in a different direction. (MT)
Wot skinuhsis woleyu nihkaniw, 'sami psi-te keq eluhket 'sapi-punomon. This boy will live well in the future because everything he does he carries out successfully.
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(see also nihkaniwoss)

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