When We Went Hunting

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:16 Well, tokec-op Well now,
00:17 milkiyiq ihil if they gave us
00:20 licenses weci-kisi-kotunolukot licenses so we can hunt
00:22 kinaq nuhuwok kosona newwok. at least three or four of them.
00:24 Elihpit wen. Enough to eat.
00:27 Taluhp ketehp eli Just like the way
00:29 musok kisi-kotunolukot toke, we can hunt moose now,
00:32 you know. you know.
00:33 Mec-op nit, iyey, That much
00:35 kuli-wicuhkemkenen. would help us out.
00:37 Iya, tokec-op... Yes, and if...
00:38 Naka wen conehlut, And if you get stopped,
00:40 'tihin wen license eli-kotunolat nihtol. you'd have a license to hunt with.
00:42 Cikihtuwinokot wenuhcok, If the white people left us alone,
00:44 knihtawi-micuwakonukhotipon we still know how to hunt
00:46 kilun mec. for food.
00:46 Iya. Yes.
00:48 Mecimi-te keq-oc itom? What would they always say?
00:49 "Ma yut kisi-olluhkawon, "You can't do this,
00:50 yut-ona kotama." and you can't do that."
00:51 Yut kete amsqahs nil petutiyan When I first moved here you
00:54 ma-te wen kisi-kotunkew yaka couldn't hunt unless
00:55 tehpu wenuhc-ona kotunket. a white man hunted with you.
00:59 Kwewitahatomoniya nit psiw? Do you remember all that?
01:00 Ya, u ya. Yes, oh yes.
01:01 Apeq-olu komutolukhotipon, We used to sneak, though,
01:02 qenuk toke kisi... but now that we
01:06 kilun-ote pemiptuwok, are self-governing,
01:07 ipa eci-woli-pomiyewik. things run much better.
01:08 Iya. Yes.
01:09 Psi-te na wen utapesin, Everyone benefits from it,
01:12 ma kahk tehpu, iyey, peskuwok. not just a few.
01:15 Mecimiw qenuk, iyey, It used to be,
01:17 nwewitahatomon... as I remember...
01:18 Psi kal-ote nipayiw... At night everyone...
01:20 Nilun kete Tayk ntapi-kotunkepon Like Dike and I went hunting
01:22 neket amsqahs kisonuhmek yut-olu ihik when we first bought
01:25 New Lands eliwihtomoq. what we call the New Lands.
01:27 Nmacahanen naka J.D. apsokil. We left with J.D. He was small then.
01:31 Itom Tayk, "Kilun yut ktopeltomonen?" Dike said, "Do we own this land?"
01:33 Ntiyahpon, "Aha." I told him that we did.
01:37 Tama-al nit oloqiw Ellsmore Landing. It was somewhere on the Ellsmore Landing.
01:40 Yalahsenikiyek nit. We were shining our flashlights there.
01:42 Itom, "Tama warden peciyatsopon, He said, "If a warden were to come by,
01:44 nit-tehp knokkaphukepon-otehp, he would take us all,
01:46 kapi-te wasis." even the child."
01:48 Mec-otehp kophasultipon. We'd still be locked up.
01:51 Itom Tayk, "Ktopeltomonen yut?" He said, "Do we own this?"
01:53 Ntiyahpon, "Aha, ktopeltomonen," I told him, "Yes we own it,"
01:54 'sami ma-te nkocicihtuwon because I didn't know
01:55 tama tutte skicinuwi-ktahkomiq piley. the location of the new Indian land.
01:58 Weyn, itom nekom, Wayne said
01:59 "Psi-te ktopeltomonen yut kilun." we own all of it.
02:01 Aluwehta. We are supposed to.
02:02 Iya. Yes,
02:04 Tokkiw tahk wewisultihtit... until they found out...
02:06 Yat kal-ote-na ma 'kocicihtuwoniya. Yut They probably don't know, either.
02:12 one Sunday morning One Sunday morning
02:15 metehtaqahk telephone. Itom iya, the phone rang.
02:19 Weyn, itom, iyey, Wayne said,
02:21 "Mec-op-al kisi-wicuhkemi Would you help
02:23 naciphukot moose." go get the moose?"
02:24 Aha. Yes.
02:25 Ntiyahpon, "Tama iyu?" I said, "Where is it?"
02:26 Itom, "U Road." He said, "On the U Road."
02:27 All right, All right,
02:30 on iyey... and so...
02:31 Yukk-olu 'kisi-nehpahawal They had killed
02:33 musol U Road, a moose on the U Road,
02:34 wahte motapew tama. way down the road somewhere.
02:37 Herman and J.D. Herman and J.D.
02:39 Nita, There,
02:41 naka yat-te wen radio 'tihin ihik and each one had a radio
02:42 in the truck. in the truck.
02:47 Ntiyahpon, "Yut-tehc nil ntotolaskuwas I told them, "I'll wait here.
02:49 nehtaw wen peciyat If someone comes,
02:51 kmattoktehmuloniya. I'll call you."
02:55 Ntahpin nita. I sat there for a while.
02:57 Well, Well,
02:59 tette elomi-nutahak, iyey, there was a big truck that came out
03:03 big truck, eltaqahk elomi-motahak. and was noisy as it left.
03:07 Solahki-te wot itom, iyey, Suddenly, he said,
03:08 "Tan, ma-te wen tama?" "Well is there anyone around?"
03:09 Ntiyahpon, "Nama." I said, "No."
03:12 Nit-te-na mete, iyey, And then you could hear
03:14 metiyalkehtit wilsok, the wheels digging in the dirt,
03:15 eltaqahk weckuwi-motahahtit. as it was noisily coming towards us.
03:20 Philip-ona nit 'totoli-wiciyan neke. Philip was with us then, too.
03:22 U, ya? Oh, yes?
03:25 'Kisi-nutiyacqimawal, They pulled the moose out
03:26 eluwe-al-ote yat psuhunine. and he probably almost had a heart attack.
03:30 'Kisi-nutiyacqimawal, They pulled it out,
03:31 naka eci-wolkilok. and it was a good sized one.
03:32 Mec-al spiye pkot weckuwi-nutahahtit When they were coming out the smoke was
03:34 naka yekk oposiyik. as high as those trees.
03:36 Etoli-kolapocit Philip Philip was holding on
03:37 naka etutahseniket. while lighting the way.
03:38 Ansa tehkonepsok asit They were just like monkeys
03:39 weci-kolapocuhtihtit. holding on to the back.
03:41 Naka eci-tkikolok nit. And it was so heavy.
03:43 Mam-ote nkisi-qsokaphan We finally carried it across
03:44 skicinuwi-ktahqomikuk. to Indian land.
03:47 Naka Sunday apc tahk. And it was on a Sunday.
03:49 Ntahcuwi-macephanen, iya - We had to take it -
03:51 Jim Glover neke tolluhke. Jim Glover was working at the time.
03:53 Itom, "Ktolihtahawa wot He said, "Did you shoot it
03:54 skicinuwihkuk?" on Indian land?"
03:56 Ntiyan, "Iya, iya, iya." I said, "Yes, yes yes."
03:57 Psi-te wen itom, They all said
03:58 tehpu ntolapomokun; he just looked at us
03:59 'kocicihtun eli-toli-npakotuwukot. because he knew we were lying to him.
04:03 Ah, eci-tkiqolok not, holy cow, Ah, it was so heavy, holy cow,
04:06 wahka-te nkisi-nutiyacqiman. we had a hard time pulling it out.
04:09 Nekomaw ma-te 'kocicihtuwoniya They didn't know
04:10 tama tutte, iyey, tahalu line. where the line was.
04:13 Kilun-ona eluwe There was one that
04:13 knehpuhukun one, yet... almost killed us there...
04:15 elkilok. it was so big.
04:16 Nit ehta wahka-te We had a hard time moving it
04:17 nkisi-miwiyacqehlan. out of the way.
04:19 Ntahcuwi-wehkanen skidder. We had to use a skidder.
04:22 Tractor nit neket. It was a tractor.
04:22 Tractor, iya. Tractor, yes.
04:23 Tama nit? Where was that?
04:25 Tomah Road. Tomah Road.
04:26 North and South Road. North and South Road.
04:29 Nit ehta weci-nutahayiq kilun, When we came out of there,
04:31 nit-te etoli-ptokessiyiq, we turned off,
04:32 nit-ona... and so...
04:34 Nama tahk-ote ckuwyehpon not, No, he was coming toward us,
04:36 ckuwye nit-te nemiyinokot and when he saw us
04:38 'potkessin nit-te-na he turned and went on
04:41 'tolomiyan Tomah Road. Tomah Road.
04:42 Nemq-ote npeskha I shot it once,
04:45 cel ste pawonsuhtehsit awtik. and it seemed to bounce on the road.
04:50 Ma-te qenuk sikopiw? But he wasn't in a difficult place?
04:52 Tan-op-al awtik-ote pokossin. Somehow it fell on the road.
04:54 Oh my God! Oh my God!
04:55 Kinalokittiyena! Wow!
04:56 Awtik-ote pokossin? It fell on the road?
04:58 Gee! Gee!
04:59 Nit-te peskotek satokan ... When the shotgun fired ...
05:02 kenuk but
05:03 cel ste wen brick it sounded like someone dropped
05:04 elahket ihik awtik. a brick on the road.
05:06 'Qosokahsin-ote awtik It was sprawled across the road,
05:09 elalkitiyekilok. it was so darn big.
05:11 Apc nilun And another time
05:12 wot yali-kotunkiyek neqt Frank. Frank and I went hunting.
05:14 Kwewitahatomon nit, iyey... ? Do you remember that?
05:16 Aha, Yes,
05:17 eluwe-te nkoti-peskhoq wot. he almost was going to shoot me.
05:20 Ipa akonutmuwan yukk. Why don't you tell them about it?
05:23 Weckuwi-apaciyayek ihik When we were coming back
05:26 from Tomah, from Tomah,
05:28 naka nkotuhsominen, and we were drinking,
05:32 kesq pemahtuweniki, while I was shining the light,
05:34 kinalokitt! Nit-al 'tutalokiqan waht holy cow! I saw eyes this big,
05:37 lamiw, iyey, where he was standing
05:39 sehket. in the woods.
05:41 Nihkaniyan, I went ahead
05:42 nkisi-conehtun, and stopped,
05:45 nwesuwewsan naka tehpu I walked back, and I had
05:46 pesqon buckshot. only one buckshot.
05:48 Elitahasi-al-ote When I thought he was
05:49 nit tama wtihin, right there,
05:51 nit-te elahtuweniki, I shone the light on him,
05:52 nit-ona ntaplapomokun. and he looked back at me.
05:53 On nkakosekehtuwan. I pulled the hammer back,
05:56 Nit-olu peskotek shotgun, and when the gun fired
05:57 ma-te keq nutomu; I couldn't hear anything;
05:59 nkoppalokossehtelas. I had deafened my ears with the shot.
06:02 Wot-olu weckuhqepit nihkaniw, Wayne was sitting in the front seat,
06:05 itom, "Motiyamu, motiyamu." and he said, "I heard him fall, I heard him fall,"
06:07 Ahaciw olomi-cipokihtaqsu. and he was saying it louder and louder.
06:12 Nita, Then
06:15 yut-olu yalahtuweniki wot alapekit. while I was shining the light, he was crawling on the ground.
06:17 Ntiyahpon, "Ckuwiptuwin I told him to bring
06:18 kotok buckshot." me another buckshot.
06:22 Sakhi-nahtokayatuwan naka yut flashlight, He came out with his flashlight,
06:25 uckuwi-cituwiyan. and fell towards me.
06:28 Peciyat, When he got to me,
06:30 ntiyahpon, I told him,
06:30 "U, ma-te not tama oliyewi." "Oh, he's not going anywhere."
06:32 Nkisi-pisehtun kotok sels. I put another shell in and
06:36 Wahte natkuwan, went up close to the deer.
06:38 ma-te kisi-amihkiw. He couldn't get up.
06:39 Wahtehc petamihku He would get up so far but
06:42 apc-oc, iyey, wesuwessin. then fall back down.
06:44 Ntiyahpon Weyn, I told Wayne to
06:45 "Sakolonomun yut peskuwat," hold the gun,
06:46 naka tuhte. and it was loaded.
06:47 Tehpu qeni I got
06:48 my knife ihi my knife
06:50 naka nsapalokittiyehtahan. and stabbed him.
06:52 Yut-olu eli-saptuhuk When I did,
06:54 on 'tewepotoqqin. he jumped up.
06:55 Itom, "Npeskhan?" Wayne said, "Should I shoot him?"
06:56 Ntiyahpon, "Musa peskhahkoc!" I said, "Don't shoot him!"
07:00 Nokkahtehloq-otehp. He would have blown me to bits.
07:05 A qenuk eci-wolikit. Ah, but it was such a nice one.
07:08 Twelve-pointer. Twelve-pointer.
07:09 Mahkiyewossis Before long,
07:10 ma-te pomawsiw. it was dead.
07:12 Kisehlukot on neqacqehlanen ihik... When we were finished with it,
07:15 nutiyacqehlanen, we pulled it out
07:17 yut-te in the back of the and put it in back of the
07:18 station wagon, station wagon,
07:20 on nkoppahmonen, and we closed it,
07:21 on yaka nmemhuwossominen apc. and then we took another good drink.
07:23 Keq iyahp. As usual.
07:25 Naka apc nutahanen. Then we came out again.


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