He Would Hunt Porpoise

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:04 Cuspeske. He would hunt porpoise.
00:05 Korikori. Gregory.
00:05 Iya, iya. Yes, yes
00:07 Nil-ona nwewitahama. I remember him, too.
00:08 Ma-te keq 'tolitahatomuwon; He thought nothing of it;
00:09 ansa nekom-ote nit 'toluhkewakon. it was like a job for him.
00:11 Iya, kat-olu, iya. Yes, naturally, yes.
00:12 'Toluhkewakon. His work.
00:15 Nit-ona toke 'Cuhwa elluhket, That's how Chuwa works now,
00:17 nokosa-woliyal cuspesol. cleaning a porpoise quickly.
00:19 Nokosanaqot? It doesn't take him long?
00:20 Iya. No.
00:21 Toke ma-te nit wen... Now no one does that...
00:24 Kat-op nit wen 'tolluhkawon yaka, No one would do that,
00:29 you know, 'tiyali wen 'sisse-miluwan. you know, go around giving out [the meat].
00:33 Naciphawa kenuk toke saki. But now they get lobsters.
00:35 Kenuk tehpu peskuwok miluwaniya, But only some people give them away,
00:37 tehpu tan wen eli-voteuwiht. just to the ones who vote for them.
00:41 Tan wen eloqiyat. According to what side you're on.
00:43 Iya! Toke nit ellukhotihtit, Yes! That's how they do it now,
00:44 on yaka kmosonan sak. and then you get a lobster.
00:45 Well, ipa, tpitahatomun. Well, think about it.
00:47 Mecimiw tan wen eloqiyat nit-tehc In the past, whoever was in favor [of a candidate] would
00:50 milan wen puktewick, toke-olu sak. be given liquor, now it's lobster.
00:57 Tokec kahk micuwakon. Now it's food.
00:59 Nit nil wewitahatom. That's what I remember.
01:02 Eci-woli-leyik nit, Tali. That's very true, Dolly.


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