Land Claims: They Think We Sold Them Out

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00:22 Qenoq, iyey, nit-te nit neket But right off it went in a
00:25 piluwey-ote oloqiyewiw. different direction at that time.
00:29 Ktahcuwi-qasahkanen We had to throw away
00:31 nit etoli-nuhsuhkokpon Gellers. what Gellers had been pursuing.
00:32 Nekom kahk eli-pawatokpon He wanted just
00:35 tehpu Massachusetts, Massachusetts,
00:37 ktolahqemhanen, qenoq for us to win against them,
00:39 Tureen aqami, iyey, but Tureen was more
00:41 aqami tahalu milte nekom elitahasit. diverse in his thinking.
00:44 Aqamelot-ona ktahkomiq. And there was more land.
00:47 On, iyey, And
00:49 yet tokkiw, iya, Tureen up until then, when what Tureen
00:51 mace-woltek eli-pawatok wanted started taking shape…
00:54 sesolahki-te two thirds of, all of a sudden it was two-thirds
00:56 tahalu elkihqahk Maine of the land in Maine.
01:54 Naka elalokittiyenaqahk man. And there was so much money.
01:55 Tokec-op yektok If only Maine had
01:57 neket amsqahs taken the deal
01:58 kcitomi-wihqehtuhtitsopon, the first time,
02:00 Governor Reed-ote 'kapiw, Governor Reed included,
02:02 ma-tehp nit they wouldn't have had
02:03 cuwi-apenkahtiwiyik qin, to pay so much,
02:04 naka kehsossok-op, iyey… and so little would…
02:07 On-olu, iyey, But because
02:09 eli-sakolikapuwultiyiq kilun we stood our ground,
02:11 ahaci-te aqamkihqon, iyey, what we got was bigger than
02:14 etoli-kolikatomoq. what we had been trying to hold on to.
02:19 Qenoq tokec But now…
02:20 tokec etoli-skuhutomuhtit yuktok, ihik, ewasisultihtit, now that these younger ones are talking about it,
02:26 litahasultuwok they think
02:27 kisankuwekhannuk. we sold them out.
02:28 Ma 'kocicihtuwoniya They don't know
02:30 etuci-sakoli, iyey, how hard we worked,
02:34 kisehtuwek, tahalu like the first time
02:37 amsqahs neke psi-keq mesonasik, everything was attained,
02:39 iyey, yut kete-lu ktahkomiq, like the land,
02:43 elinaqahk. so much of it.
02:45 Naka amsqahs nit kehsossokpon. And the first time it was so little.
02:47 Kehs cel? How much?
02:48 Twenty-six thousand acres. 26,000 acres.
02:50 Nit-te-msiw. That was all.
02:52 Yut-olu toke…, iyey, But now this…
02:53 mesonomoq kis a hundred we've already gotten a hundred–
02:55 — kehs cel? how much again?–
02:56 hundred-and-fifty-thousand acres. 150,000 acres.
02:58 Aqamok More than that.
02:59 Naka ma-te man. And no money.
03:01 Toke-lu elinaqahk nit man, Now a lot of that money
03:03 tahalu, iyey, peciyewik. has come in.
03:07 Qenoq But
03:08 amsqahs neket that first time back then
03:10 ma-te nit wen uskuhutomuwon; no one talked about it;
03:11 'samelot man. there was too much money.
03:13 Tehpu man tepinasik. Only the money was being looked at.
03:15 Kis yaka mehciyak man, When it started to run out,
03:17 on yaka then we
03:18 mace-skuhutomoniya kete jurisdiction. start talking about things like jurisdiction.
03:20 Iyey, nil-ona nit ma I didn't like the looks of it,
03:22 nulinomuwon, qenoq either, but
03:24 pcossolewey nit, that was
03:26 iyey, kisi-komutonatok not-olu Longley. the last thing that Longley stole.
03:28 Nit eli-pawatok, mecimi-te, iyey, kisi, That was what he wanted, for us
03:31 tahalu kisi-yalqenkenen, I guess, always to be in their grip, I guess,
03:33 you know, on, on iyey, you know, and
03:36 nit toke etoli-skuhutasik, that's what's being talked about now,
03:37 qenoq neket amsqahs, but that first time,
03:41 man, money
03:43 iyey, tehpu wen tepinok. was the only thing they were looking at.
03:45 Tehpu tepinomuhtit, psi-te kehsit. Coqahk-al, kehsi-'tomakeyultiyiq. Of course, we were extremely poor.
03:51 Iyey, kis yaka psi-keq kisi, Once everything went by,
03:54 kisi-tuciyak, on yaka it was as if
03:55 tahaluhp psiw kmace-nomihtunen we all started seeing that
03:58 cipotu-tehp maybe if
03:59 aqami-sakolopultihiqsopon we had been a little stronger…
04:01 nit kete jurisdiction. like that jurisdiction issue.
04:03 Cipotu-tehp, iyey, Maybe, it would be
04:04 aqami-sakolahte toke. more firmly established now.
04:07 But nit kisi-leyik, But that's what happened,
04:09 ma kisi-acehtasiw. and it can't be changed.
04:10 Kat-op state 'tacehtuwon toke. The state wouldn't change it now.
04:13 Muste nokatomoniya little piece They are afraid to change
04:14 'tacehtuniya. even a little piece.


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