ma, ma-te

(with verb) not; (with noun) no, not any

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Ma-te kosiciyaw nit kil wen eleyit? Don't you know someone who is like that?
Aha, ya. Kosona macahayin, etutalokittiyeqasqit wen elomiyat wikuwak. Coqahk-al, mecimiw ma-te street lights. Yes, yeah. Or when you left, you'd run like the devil until you got to your house. Of course, there were no street lights. (WN)
On nemiyat weckuwyalit Makolitol, ma ckuwyew. And when he saw Margaret coming, he wouldn't come.
'Tomakteponil wikuwamol naka ma-te 'samaqan. The houses were in bad shape and there was no water. (LS)
Notes : (compare kotama, kat, skat; see example sentences throughout dictionary)
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