Entry Definition
(with verb) not; (with noun) no, not any
s/he piles it up any which way (firewood, etc.)
s/he, it is made up of various parts, is complex, is made of mass of confusing parts; s/he, it is made any old way
s/he prays any old way
s/he wears any old clothes (old clothes, clothes that don't fit well, don't match, etc.)
s/he writes it any old way (text); s/he scribbles on it (paper, book, etc.)
s/he dresses in or wears various clothes, outfits, costumes, etc.; s/he dresses without regard to style, color, appearance
s/he dresses any old way, wears hodgepodge of clothes
s/he hangs clothes over something (any which-way and without clothespins)
s/he prays without set form, prays any old way
s/he sings any old way
s/he applies it any old way (soft substance; e.g., thick paint, stucco)