Entry Definition
s/he counsels h/ not to (do something), restrains h/ by speaking to h/
no, not
better not; (Ma; used in commands) don't!
not at all; not quite, not really
not at all, nothing at all
(indicates negative choice or contrast) not
(potentially, possibly) would not
not, not at all
why shouldn't
(answer to question) no; (negative) not
(with verb) not; (with noun) no, not any
(negative choice; see examples) not, but not
anyway, not at all
but not
not much, hardly, not really
will not, won't
(emphatic) not
why not
not even
(in commands) don't, not (mainly Pa)
don't (used only in commands and prohibitions regarding future)
not even
completely gone; not at all
not; if not, when not, that not; without (doing something)