no, not

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Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Tan 'toli-ksokassin nit, kama wen 'kocicihtuwon. Nit apc weci-nuhsuhkuwut. Neke toqc pesqon elluhket, yali-komutone, psi ehta keq. How he had gotten across there, no one knew. They set out to follow him again from there. But he kept on doing the same thing, going around stealing anything and everything. (MT)
Wespasahkiwik 'tolapasiniya. Kama 'puskonawiwal. 'Posqelehlawal. The next morning, they all went over. They didn't bury him. They set him on fire. (MT)
Itom yaq Koluskap, "Eluwehk-al wot wasis npiyemahantuwikotaq. Kama ipocol nil nihtawankeyuwaw wasis eli mesq cpahkatomu." Koluskap said, "This baby seems to have defeated me. For I don't know how to take care of a baby, since I've never been married." (MT)
Notes : (shortened form of kotama; see also nama)
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