muck, muck-ote

not even

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Muck-ote pesq ma 'tasqessiwon. Not even one is left. (LM)
Etuci ehta ktomakeyi, muck-ote kotama pesqonuwiw ntoloqtewakon tan yut welkomawik mawiyamok. I am so poor, I don't even have one bit of clothing good enough for a festival. (LM)
Any muck sens? Haven't you got even one penny? (recalled by DAF, Sipayik, early 1900s)
Muck-otehp (mustehp) pesq kisi-miliyin? Can't you give me at least one?
Kotama-tehc muck pesq sqihtahawon tan wot pomawsuwinuwihpit. Not even one shall be spared who eats people. (LM)
Notes : (also, muste)
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