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Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Kat-op keq ktolessiw. Nothing will happen to you.
Kat-te 'kocicihtuwon tan-oc 'toli-kisi-qsokassin. He doesn't know how he can get across.
Kat-te keq not lawotiw. He is not worth anything at all. He is completely useless.
Kat nihtol 'temisol. ... Kat not kil kikuwoss. That is not his dog. ... That is not your mother.
Temonuk kiwonasqaha. — Kat-op! You're going to pass out. — No, I'm not! No, I wouldn't do that!
Kat-op apc nkisi-monessiw. I will not be able to move from here again.
Tan eci-peciyahtihtit kotunkewinuwok, psi-te knokka-wolehlaniya kweyossisomuwak, kat tehpu wiyuhsomuwa. When the hunters come, you will dress all the parts of your animals, not just their meat.
Notes :

(compare ma, kotama, skat; see also the entry 'kat, 'qat)

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