Lucille had cooked muskrat

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00:02 Ansa nil neke yut, iya, Like the time that, yes,
00:05 nmotehsan apsokiluhpon, my youngest son was little,
00:08 on ntolossin ihik kuhutik naka nmocomolsin. and I was in bed sick.
00:11 Nkisapu... I had drunk some...
00:13 Nkisapu... I'd drunk some...
00:15 U, kakawi-mocomolsiyan! Oh, I got sick very easily!
00:17 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:18 Wot-olu iya Luhsel 'kisaqosomon kiwhosuwey. Lucille had cooked muskrat.
00:22 U. Oh.
00:23 On komotu sakhiyat nmotehsan, And all of a sudden in comes my youngest son,
00:26 naka 'kolotomon nit woniyakon, and he's holding the muskrat's head in his mouth,
00:28 on ntuhkehlokun. Yut-te ntoli-sitapomoq! and he wakes me up. He's got his face right in mine!
00:31 Wisokalokittiyeluwahayan, I was so damn mad,
00:33 ntiyahpon "Qasalokittiyahk nita!" I said, "Throw that thing the hell out!"
00:37 Tehpu sakhahtek nisonul wipitol, Just its two teeth were sticking out,
00:39 naka woniyakon. and its head.
00:42 Tan 'tuceyin? How old was he?
00:44 Apsokiluhpon, nit-al 'tolkilsossinehpon. He was little. Just about that tall.
00:49 Oh, dear! Oh, dear!
00:53 Nit iya kuhkomoss wikit nit wikuwam. That house is where your grandmother lived.
00:57 Aha. Yes.
00:59 Kat nit Silopesta naka Sqali kisihtaqpon? Isn't that the one that Sylvester and Squally built?


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