(potentially, possibly) would not

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Kat-op nit nil nkisehtuwon, 'sami-sikeyu. I wouldn't be able to do that; it's too hard.
Apeq kahk-olu wot mecimi-te ktiyali-'tomeyakun naka mecimi-te koti-kpuhukunen, kat-op wolinaqotu skat wicuhkemawohq. Although he's always bothering us and always wants to lock us up, it wouldn't look good if we didn't help him. (WN)
Kotama, kat-op nit 'tolluhkawon nmuhsums. Amsqahs kamahcin nil neke ntuceyihpon, nit amsqahs nemihtu, sakhiptuhtit sakihwewey. No, my grandfather wouldn't do that. I was six when I first saw it, when they brought in TV. (MA)
Notes :

(see kat 3, op)

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