When Is He Going To Get Married?

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:01 Aluwehta mossiya, mossiya ehpici, but He must have had many women,
00:04 on-ote one pawalat. but there was only one he wants.
00:06 Nihtol keti-nipuwamat. That was the one he wants to marry.
00:07 On-ote peskuwol pawatok? He just wants one?
00:08 Peskuwol. One.
00:09 Tayuwek? When is it going to be?
00:10 Kis ehta etuceyit. He's already quite old.
00:11 Tayuwek nipuwiw? When is he going to get married?
00:13 July 7th yaq. July 7th, he says.
00:14 Mmm. Mmm.
00:17 Iya. Yes.
00:18 Ma-te keq ntiyuku -- ncuwi-te nil naskahs! He didn't say anything to me. I have to go right over there and investigate!
00:21 'Samaqan eyik, By the water,
00:23 etolicuwok. where it's flowing.
00:24 Ntapi-qecimulan, ntiyahpon, "Tan, I went to ask him, and I said to him, "So,
00:26 kotuwahkatom kil kosona keq?" are you getting married or what?"
00:29 On itom, "Iya, And he said, "Yeah,
00:32 iya." yeah."
00:34 'Sami nkolonikon not nil. Because he's my godson.
00:36 U, kolonikon? Oh, your godson?
00:37 Iya. Yes.
00:38 Nil not, iyey... He's my...
00:39 Wen kisi-qecimulat? Who did the asking?
00:41 Enocola? Angela?
00:43 U, Enocolawol. Oh, Angela.
00:44 'Tiyal, "Tan, She said to him, "So,
00:46 kotuwahkatom kil kosona tan?" do you want to get married or what?"
00:48 Itom Enocola, "Ma-te ntasitemku. Angela said, "He didn't answer me.
00:52 Ma-te npapehci iyey asitemku." He didn't exactly answer me."
00:55 Nama, ma wenil qin 'tasitemawiyil. No, he doesn't really answer anyone.
00:58 Itom, She said,
01:00 "Komac nkotuwi-tpinuwa "I'm going to watch him to see
01:02 nit sakhiyat kosona skat." whether he shows up or not."
01:03 Ntolitahasin, kinalokittiyena, I thought, holy cow,
01:05 nopal skat 'sakhiyawon, I hope he doesn't show up,
01:06 on yali-kotuwahkatok. and she's wanting to get married.
01:09 Gee, on kal. Nil-ona, I have my doubts. Gee, I don't know. Me, I have my doubts.
01:11 Okiya. Yikes!
01:12 Qin-ote? Really?
01:13 Iya. Yes.
01:14 Komotukc ma sakhiyew? He might not show up?
01:15 Komotukc ma sakholiqehew, He might suddenly not show up.
01:16 naka his tuxedo. And his tuxedo,
01:19 Apc tahk white olocihte. it's going to be white again.
01:21 U. Oh.
01:22 White naka maroon tie. White with a maroon tie.
01:23 Aha. Naka eci-wolapewit. Yes. And he's so handsome.


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