The Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey Dictionary

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Entry Definition
sealskin, seal pelt
(mammal) seal, seal's; of seal or sealskin
seal fat, seal oil
s/he hunts seals
s/he hunts seal pups
s/he speaks calmly or soothingly with h/
s/he appears to be in good health (after having been ill)
h/ hat
h/ rectum
h/ buttocks, h/ rear end, h/ backside
(see also entries beginning with ahtol-; see note at ahtoli)
s/he stares at it, keeps looking at it, looks at it again and again
s/he keeps handling it, fiddles with it; (mechanic, etc.) s/he keeps working at it
rope, cord
his testicle
s/he sits there repeatedly or continuously, stays there (seated, positioned)
(wild animal) s/he is shy, hides when people come near
s/he climbs it hurriedly
s/he climbs hurriedly; s/he speaks awkwardly
s/he cannot stand to be around h/, cannot abide h/ presence
s/he has an aversion to it, cannot abide it
s/he is stern, severe, strict
s/he hates h/