The Passamaquoddy-Maliseet Dictionary

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Entry Definition
s/he sends it to another place
s/he transfers h/ to another place; (baseball) s/he moves h/ (glove) into strike zone as s/he catches pitched ball (to make umpire think it was a strike)
s/he transfers it to another place
s/he relocates h/, transfers h/ to new location
it is put somewhere else, is repositioned; it is postponed or delayed
s/he relocates it, puts it in another place; s/he reschedules or postpones it
h/ facial expression changes
s/he decants h/, pours h/ into another container (liquid)
s/he decants it, pours it into another container (liquid)
s/he changes mind about h/
s/he causes it to change its mind (e.g., town)
s/he changes mind about it
(business, building, car, painting, etc.) its ownership changes, it has new owner
its name has been changed
s/he changes (own) name; h/ name has been changed
s/he moves to different location, changes location
it is ... o'clock
s/he tells a story, tells what happened
statement, account of what happened (in this sense, story)
it is true, it is a fact; (text, newspaper, etc.) it tells story, gives account
(baseball) s/he changes pitching arm
(response to a question) yes; (introducing a statement or conclusion) yes
more and more; gradually increasing, increasingly
(plant, genus Equisetum) horsetail