noun animate (dependent)
h/ buttocks, h/ rear end, h/ backside
Plural : (none)
Locative : 'tahkuhkok
Diminutive : 'tahkuksisol, 'tahkuhkisol

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Ceste pemi-kolotamilit 'tahkuhkol. She wiggles when she walks (literally, it's as if her buttocks are chewing as she goes along).
'Tahkuhkewa! The heck with them!
Ktahkuhk! The heck with you!
Ktahkuhkis alokittis! You're a little jerk!
Lula etutkat welaqik cel pekossit 'tahkuhkok. Lawrence was dancing so hard last night he fell on his rear end.
'Tahkuhkol eluwe kolocuwol api-tkahsomit. His buttocks almost froze when he went swimming.
Notes : (note that 'tahkuhkol is singular)
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