(number, quantity, measurement) approximately, about

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Api-kotunket, akim-al-ote nehpahacihi nanu otuhk. When he returned from hunting, he had killed about five deer.
Akim ntoli-piyemikotonuhtaq nsiwehs newikoton. My brother is about four years older than I am.
Akim petawotu nutapakon nananku kehsamqahk. My car cost about $15,000.
(in questions) Tan akim kil ktoleyin? Just what is wrong with you?
Keq akim yut eliyat? Tehpu nutomeyaq. Do you have any idea why he came here? He's just bothering me.
Keq akim yut eliyayans? Exactly why did I come here?
Notes : (compare ansa-te)
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