verb ti 29
s/he stirs it
Verb Stem : -awskahqehm-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
'Tawskahqehmonol sahtiyil. He stirs the blueberries.
On nit lampeq ali-ihit wahqapite-awskahqohok, nit aliqahak nit emehkew, nit lampeq, nit pocetes. And there in the water it moves around as he stirs (while adding salt until the brine is strong enough), it rolls around at the bottom, there in the water, that potato. (DAF)
'Tawskahqehmon ksap Selahpi weci skat pkiktenuhk. Seraphine stirs the soup so it won't burn.
Uli-awskahqehmon. S/he stirs it well.
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