calokossewey, calokossey

noun animate & inanimate
earmuff, earflap, earphone (anything for or related to ear)
Plural : calokosseweyak, calokosseweyal, calokosseyak, calokosseyal
Possessed : 'calokosseweyamol, 'calokosseweyam; 'calokosseyamol, 'calokosseyam
Locative : calokosseweyak, calokosseyak

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Mecimi 'punomoniyal weci wen kisapocit, on 'tolihwihtomoniya 'calokosseweyal. They always put them on to provide a place to hold on to, and they called them "ears." (JAN)
Notes : (see calokoss)
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word Dolly
example Dolly
word Donnell