cocepiye, cepiye

verb ai & ii 11, 22
(ai) s/he is separated from spouse, (dual forms) they are separated; (ai & ii) s/he, it is coming apart
Plural : (co)cepiyawolotuwok (ai)
Verb Stem : -(co)cepiya-
Changed Verb Stem : (ce)cepiya-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Kisihponoltihtit, nit-te 'cocepiyaniya. After they fought, they separated.
Cocepihhik yaq nuhsimis naka 'tulomenimol. I hear my younger sister and her husband are separated.
Atole nisuwihticil koti-cocepiye. Andrew's wife wants to separate.
Ma nkoti-cocepiyaw. I don't want to separate.
Mec-ote cepihhik nekomaw. They are still separated.
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