verb ti 27
s/he lifts it, raises it, hoists it
Verb Stem : -ewepehtu-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
'Tewepehtun possiyantehsok Payoni 'sami eci-wolopotek lamikuwam. Bernadette raised the window because it was so very warm in the house.
Ewepeht ahsuwekehtikon! Raise the window shade.
Somakonoss 'tewepehtun 'pihtin 'tahsosuwonok assihkuwat aposesol. The soldier salutes when he meets an officer (literally, lifts his hand up to his hat).
Abby 'tewepehtun motewekon ehtahs spasuwiw. Abby hoists the flag each morning.
Ehtahs pahtoliyas 'tewepehtun wikhikon tan etuci-kisokitok naka ucetomon. The priest always lifts the book up after he reads it, and he kisses it.
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