noun inanimate
(plant in the genus Acorus; see note) sweetflag
Plural : kiwhosuwaskul
Possessed : 'kiwhosuwaskum
Locative : kiwhosuwaskuk
Diminutive : kiwhosuwasqis

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
On nit 'tolaqsomon yut iyey kiwhosuwasq; psi-te wot elokimatpon, wot skitap nit elluhket. Then he steeped the flagroot; everything he (Flagroot) instructed him to do, this man did. (MT)
Nil ehta nit eliwihimok Kiwhosuwasq. I am the one they call Flagroot. (MT)
Notes : (originally the native several-veined sweetflag, Acorus americanus, now also used for the introduced single-vein sweetflag, Acorus calamus)
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