verb ta 36
s/he hits h/, hits h/ with vehicle (i.e., with car, sled, bike, lawnmower, etc.); s/he comes upon h/
Verb Stem : -miyawtehkuw-
Changed Verb Stem : meyawtehkuw-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Ma-te kmiyawtehkakuwonol ponapskul? Didn't the rocks hit you? (GD)
Yut-te Daggett-te miyawtehkuwal peskuwol, ntatat-ona miyawtehkuwal peskuwol, naka wen cel apc neket iyey meyawtehkuwut? Sonny Meader-ona kisi-kcostehkuwa. These were the ones: Daggett hit one, my father hit one, too, and who else was hit that time? Sonny Meader was nicked. (DS, talking about sledding and running into other people)
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