noun animate
mitten, glove
Plural : molocessok
Possessed : molocessol
Diminutive : molocessis

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Etuci-kotuhpultihtit pokomkehsisok, on mahaniya Espons molocess. The fisher kits were very hungry, and they ate Raccoon's mittens. (LM)
Elikihtit yukk molocessok; ntahcuwihc monuwak kotokik mesq mace-tkeyinuhk. These mittens look terrible; I'll have to buy new ones before it gets cold.
Kiluwahtuwin kmolocessok mesq nutahawon. Find me your mittens before you go out.
Tan-al eloqehlat nqenoss nmolocess. What did my grandchild do with my gloves?
Musa ksihkalahkoc kmolocessok! Don't lose your mittens!
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