verb ai & ii 1, 14
s/he, it is heard moving (but is not seen)
Plural : motessultuwok (ai)
Verb Stem : -motessi-
Changed Verb Stem : metessi-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Metessikil. (inanimate) Stones, sticks of firewood, or other objects which can be heard moving.
Metessicik. (animate) Coins, bottles, or other objects, people, animals, etc., which can be heard moving.
Olomi-motessuwa yaq. You could hear him leaving, they say. (MT)
Mam-ote nutuwal weckuwi-motessilicil. Then he heard him coming toward him. (MT)
Solahkiw yaq weckuwi-motessit wen. Suddenly someone was heard approaching.
Notes : (see also metessik)
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