noun inanimate (verb ii participle 16)
today; during the course of a day, during the course of the day; (neqt pemkiskahk) on a particular day, once upon a time; (pemkiskahkil) every day
Plural : pemkiskahkil

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Yuhtol pemkiskahkil. Nowadays.
Neqt pemkiskahk, Koluskap peciyat oqimuwi-utenek, komac kiwacinaqot. One day, when Koluskap arrived at the loon village, it looked very lonely. (LM)
Komac piskinaqot yut pemkiskahk. It's very dark out today.
Eci-wolokiskahk yut pemkiskahk. Today is a very nice day.
Notes : (used as particle)
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