verb ai 11
(baby, child) s/he cries from stomach-ache or hunger
Plural : sehsepskotiyawolotuwok
Verb Stem : -sehsepskotiya-

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Eci-sehsepskotiyat nqossis kotoki-welaqik. My little son had such a bad stomach-ache the other night, he was crying.
Eci-sehsepskotiyay kotoki-welaqik. I had to cry, I had such a tummy ache the other night.
Sehsepskotiye-al-ote. (baby) He must be crying because he's hungry. (WN)
Notes : (also, sehsekskotiye)
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