verb ii 18
it is hard winter (bad weather, difficult to get food)
Verb Stem : sikihpun-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Koti-sikihpun (kotuwi-sikihpun). It is going to be a hard winter.
On nita, kinalokittiyena, sikihpun, cel-oc ehtahs wahte, kinalokittiyena, iyey, nmihtaqs cuwi-nutiyatuwe iyey somsoq, naka 'poneqotoqqin weci-kisokalhiket. And yes, holy cow, the winter was hard, and every time, holy cow, my father had to climb out way up high, upstairs, and jump down so he could shovel the snow. (RM)
Komac sikihpun. It's been a very hard winter.
Mm-hmm, pihce. Sikihpun yut neke, oh my God! Yes, a long time ago. Winters were hard then, oh my God! (JN)
Notes : (JS/LL: People are more healthy or hardy during winters with a lot of cold and snow.)
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