sonte 1

verb ii 21
it is Sunday; it is a week
Verb Stem : sonte-
Changed Verb Stem : ehsonte-, ehsonote-, sonte-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
(as preverb) Sontiyame. S/he fishes on Sunday.
Nissontek natoluhk. I go to work in two weeks.
Tehpukc nissontek ntoluhk. I'm working just for two weeks.
Neqt sonte. It is one week.
(as preverb) Sonte-luhke. S/he works on Sunday.
Sontewisu (see muwisu). S/he picks berries on Sunday.
Weket ehsontek maceluhkiyan. I started working this past Sunday.
Imiyan sonte. There's mass on Sunday.
Notes :

(from English, Sunday)

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