verb ti 27
s/he pours it all at once
Verb Stem : -sukahtu-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Pol-ote wen 'tolaqsomon mimey kekesk naka sikusasok nisuwok naka kekesk piksipom, naka, iyey, kis kisaqotek ksukahtun wen, iyey, molahsoss, wahkehson, ktanaqson-ote molahsoss, naka wawikaqote mahkiyewoss. Eci nit wolihpukahk kisaqotek. First one cooks the fat a little and two pieces of salt pork and a little lard, and, uh, when it's done cooking you, uh, pour in the molasses, a little bit, quite a bit of molasses, and it cooks together for a little while. That tastes so good when it's done.
Aha, iya, ci, on yut iyey kpisi-sukahtun yut ihik... mecimiw oposiyeyak ktanaqsuwok malihkiyehsisok. Yes, well, gee, and you pour this into the, uh... in the past there were always a lot of wooden barrels. (DAF)
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