verb ti 28
s/he walks by it, passes by it (in boat, vehicle); s/he is at a certain distance from it; s/he drives it so far (vehicle); (in time) s/he completes it (program, course, etc.)
Verb Stem : -tutkom-
Changed Verb Stem : etutkom

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Malom-ote kisi-tutkom yut skicinuwi-kehkiketuwakon. Finally I had finished the schooling here on the reservation. (DAF)
Yut ehta-te wen tokkikapuhu yet; cipotuk-al nit ntutkomon, ihik, nit-olu old health center. Someone was standing about that far away; maybe I was standing at that distance, as far away as the old health center. (DAF)
Asit ntutkomon. I passed behind it.
Nit-al-ote 'tutkomon yaq. 'Kisi-peskhan otuhkol; wot tahk yaq elossit, mehciniya. He must have driven it that far, they say. He shot a deer, and it was lying there dead. (BS)
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