verb ta 32
s/he includes h/; s/he implicates h/ in crime committed by others; arrests h/ as accessory to crime; finds h/ guilty by association
Verb Stem : -witoqon-

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Anqoc kci-pomawsuwinuwok cuwi-lapasuwok tama 'qotuhkayiw, naka tan tuciw witoqonan wasisok. There's a time for adults to go places by themselves, and sometimes children are included. (WN)
Apc neket witoqonut kisolumut komac sipki-puna. Again in the past when he was involved he was given a long sentence.
'Tiyal yaq wot pesq skitap, "Nil kahk-olu kotama npawatomuwon nil ktoli-witoqoniniya." But this one man said, "I certainly don't want you to implicate me in this." (MT)
'Qossol yaq witoqona kisi-komutapqotehtasik malsanikuwam. They say his son was involved when the store was broken into.
Tehpu eli-yali-wiciyemat kemutonesk nekom-ona witoqona. Just because he was with the thieves he, too, was held liable for the crime.
Notes : (compare wicitqonal)
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