verb ai & ii 1, 14
s/he, it is surrounded by fence, is fenced in; (sun, moon) there is ring of light or corona around h/
Plural : wiwonahkalusonahasultuwok (ai)
Verb Stem : -wiwonahkalusonahasi-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Nit-tehna winonahkalusonahasu anqoc nipayiw, nipa-kisuhs. And sometimes there is a circle at night, around the moon. (JN)
Winonahkalusonahasu kisuhs, anqoc-ote winonahkalusonahasu kete keq olokiskahk. There is a circle around the sun; sometimes there's a circle, for instance, if the weather is changing. (JAN)
Notes : (JS/LL: A full circle around the moon means a bad storm is coming. A half circle indicates which direction the storm is coming from. If you see stars inside the circle, count them to tell how many days the coming storm is going to last.)
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