woli, woli-te

immediately, right away

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Woli-te ksaha! Come right in!
Nit yaq eliyat, woli-te nqociye ('qociye), 'kisi-ehkosqenal. Nit etuci-wolitahasit on-ote uceman. Then, when he went there, he went right up to her and embraced her. He was so happy that he kissed her. (MT)
'Sakoli wen anqoc keqsey woli-te mace-skuhutomon, naka skat qecimulawon wen keqsey ansa-te. Sometimes its hard for someone to start talking about something just like that, especially if they aren't asked a specific question. (JAN)
Kessetqihit ya malsom, woli-te noqcihkuwal. When the wolf jumped in, he went straight to him.
Notes : (see woliw)
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example Dolly
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